12 Valuable Tools You Should Be Using on GigSalad

Effectively manage your leads

Getting the most relevant leads starts with your availability. We’ve spent quite a bit of time making the calendar useful for our members, so make it work for you by taking advantage of all the handy features! Check out the  section of your Dashboard to find these tools.

1. Calendar syncing

You probably have your own calendar system, but now you can sync your Google or iCloud calendar to GigSalad. You can also import your external calendars into GigSalad with an iCal feed. Keep your calendars seamless and your schedule organized!

2. Lead blocking

If you’re tired of declining leads for times when you’re working your 9-5, or if you’re planning a vacation or business trip – block ’em! By setting your General Availability under  we’ll only send you leads that fall within those timeframes.

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