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This holiday season is certainly different than any other, and many folks are wondering if their Christmas parties are still a possibility in 2020. Most importantly, can Santa Claus still visit this year? With a few precautions and modifications, professional Santa Clauses and your party guests can still enjoy holiday celebrations in 2020!

Keeping everything Santa-tized
As we’ve all come to know by now, keeping surfaces and hands sanitized is a key factor in protecting yourself and loved ones against COVID-19 (and other viruses like the flu). Before the party, grab a bottle of disinfectant like Lysol and give your door knobs, light switches, toilet handles, and other often-touched surfaces a spray. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer ready for kiddos to use after their visit with Santa, or just send them off to wash their little paws.

Santa Claus can keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in his suit pocket or wear gloves during his visit. We’re partial to keeping things festive, so try a sanitizer with some peppermint oil!

Buy Peppermint Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer from Spinster Sisters Co.

Cotton gloves are usually a staple to any traditional St. Nick outfit! But it’s a good idea for Santa to keep a few extra pairs on hand to ensure that they can be easily changed in between events.

Santa can disinfect his suit after a visit with a simple product like Clorox Fabric Sanitizer. For suits that are machine washable, try an additive to the rinse cycle like Clorox Laundry Sanitizer. Another option to disinfect soft surfaces is a clothing steamer. While experts don’t know everything about COVID-19, they do know it has some similarities to the flu virus. According to the Center for Disease Control, flu viruses are killed at 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Most steamers produce steam at temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit – so this method should serve well for materials that can’t be laundered.

👉 For Santas or homeowners, here’s a list of the best tools to get suits and soft surfaces disinfected with steam.

Once the party is over, give everything a once-over again with disinfectant. You can even use Lysol aerosol spray on soft surfaces like couches or padded dining chairs! Be sure to check the label for full instructions on proper use.

Using masks and face shields
Many Santas are concerned that wearing masks during holiday visits will affect the Christmas spirit that he brings. While each individual has to choose what’s best for themselves or their families, masks are certainly encouraged by the CDC right now. Donning some cheery holiday-themed face masks might help keep things merry and bright at your party!

Buy holiday face masks from Etsy seller KikiMasks.

To see your kiddo’s faces light up when Santa arrives, you might consider a face shield instead. These are great for Santas, too, since they don’t muffle the Ho-Ho-Hos!

Buy holiday face shields for kids on Amazon.

Socially-distant visits
We’ve all learned the six-foot rule by now, and a visit from Santa can easily follow suit. Perhaps Santa delivers a song or a story from the front yard, and then leaves gifts on the front porch for the little ones.

When the party needs to stay inside, try setting up a visual perimeter or line near Santa’s chair. You can use some festive tape on the floor, a string of Christmas lights, or a line of brightly wrapped gifts. This will help everyone know where they can stand to talk to the big man.

Another trend this year is having a 6-foot banner near Santa’s chair! We’ve included a few designs to print your own from Vistaprint. The banners are 2.5 feet x 6 feet and are designed to Vistaprint’s templates (although they’d likely work for other printing companies, too).

Click here to download the banner.

Click here to download the banner.

Click here to download the banner.

Virtual visits
If a home visit is not an option, the next best thing is a virtual visit from Santa Claus! Gather the family around for a Zoom call or a FaceTime session with the big man. Santa can choose from a variety of fun backgrounds on Zoom, like a cozy fireplace scene or a toy workshop.

By working with Santa ahead of time to provide details on the kiddos, the magic of Christmas can certainly prevail – even through a screen!

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👉 Whether you’re planning a home visit or a virtual call, we have a few tips for a smooth visit from Santa.

This Christmas may not be what anyone expected, but a stop-over from Santa Claus brings happiness and magic when we need it the most! We wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.

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